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Connecting STEM Geniuses

New Aged Innovation

At The Bingham Foundation, our initiative, Connecting STEM Geniuses, stands as a beacon of innovation, leveraging the power of franchising to propel STEM education to new heights. In this era where STEM education holds unprecedented significance, we are resolute in our mission to forge partnerships with communities and neighboring school systems, fostering a continuous surge in children's engagement with STEM subjects. Through the dynamic medium of franchising, we will unlock the potential to deliver captivating, hands-on, and awe-inspiring interactive experiences, materializing as enriching camps and workshops. These immersive encounters are meticulously designed to encompass diverse facets of technology, engineering, and mathematics, nurturing a profound impact on STEM education. In doing so, we aspire to kindle the flames of inspiration within young minds, cultivating a landscape where innovation thrives unbounded, paving the way for a future illuminated by their ingenious contributions.

Image by Jeswin Thomas
Connecting STEM Geniuses : Welcome
Building Robot Vehicle


At Connecting STEM Geniuses LLC, our vision is to create a world where every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to unlock their full potential through STEM education. We envision a future where young minds are empowered with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to innovate, solve complex problems, and contribute positively to society. Through our engaging curriculum and unwavering commitment to inclusivity, we strive to foster a community of budding STEM leaders who shape the future through creativity, critical thinking, and a passion for learning.

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